If you need space for a car or other large piece of equipment, a carport is an excellent option for you. We offer many sizes and options, including both open and enclosed. If you have any questions please contact us at 937 790 0030.

Our steel structures are great options for storage. Built to withstand time and weather, for years to come you need worry not. Wonderful craftsmanship and a great variance of options, these buildings are exactly what you need.

Our barns are also a fine option for storage, especially for larger objects. From farm equipment to items as large as cars, we have the size you need to house all of your equipment.

             Car Ports

              Steel          Structures


Our sheds are our most popular product and we offer a great variety of designs and aesthetics. A storage unit that looks great all year round, we offer many types that are sure to please both the eye and the pocket.

Made of quality materials, your shed will last a long time. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your storage items are kept safe in a quality shed.


Miller Pole Barns 
and Shed Moving